Suspects Caught in Local Llama Killings

According to WPXI News, two teen suspects have been caught in the deaths of two llamas — Peaches and Tango — from neighboring farms in Westmoreland County over the weekend.  Criminal charges are pending. I know this is probably sorry comfort for the farmers who lost their animals, however, I hope they find some closureContinue reading “Suspects Caught in Local Llama Killings”

Someone is killing llamas in Western PA

…and I can’t understand it! According to this news article, two llamas from neighboring farms were shot in the head as they harmlessly stood in their fields late at night. While the police are looking for a connection, I don’t think anyone is fooling themselves that the crimes aren’t connected: the 2 crimes happened oneContinue reading “Someone is killing llamas in Western PA”

On the way to Rhinebeck!!

We are on the train to NY, headed to Rhinebeck for the NY Sheep & Wool festival. Rhinebeck is one of the larger festivals out there, with people coming from all over the world to attend. This is my first time attending, and I’m so excited I could plotz! Watch this space this weekend forContinue reading “On the way to Rhinebeck!!”

The Summer that knocked my socks off!

I had drafted this post yesterday, but I think my iPhone ate it. I’ve never posted from my iPhone before, so let’s see what happens. I can’t believe it’s October already! We had a good, if busy, summer, between traveling to the Pacific Northwest to visit my folks, various social plans, BBQs, work picnics, etc.,Continue reading “The Summer that knocked my socks off!”