Freaking Disaster!!!!

Effing entrelec. Or effing yarn. I’m not sure which is responsible for this travesty, but yarn and entrelec are lucky they don’t have heads because HEADS WOULD ROLL. (Geez I am SUCH a typical Scorpio sometimes! I am working on it.) I tried to unravel back to a good point because I made a bigContinue reading “Freaking Disaster!!!!”

Goodnight, Karrie. Rest well.

I never know how to write about these things. Today I got some sad news … well, the entire yarn community got sad news.  We’ve heard that Karrie Steinmetz, a.k.a. KnitPurlGurl, a popular blogger in the crafty community, has died suddenly.   I am so very sad about it, as I am whenever someone whoseContinue reading “Goodnight, Karrie. Rest well.”

Still the worst blogger ever, now with photos!

So last time I wrote, I promised photos of finishes, right? Ok, here we go…and this post is so picture heavy, God help anyone with dial-up. Dial-up would really, really suck right now. I made 2 prayer shawls. They look very similar, don’t they? That’s because they’re for a very dear family friend whose firstContinue reading “Still the worst blogger ever, now with photos!”