UK Wensleydale – spun bulky

UK Wensleydale – spun bulky Originally uploaded by boadiccea Tour de Fleece is proving to be challenging! My legs finally recovered, but my shoulders hurt, so last night was a wheel night! The last half of the 4oz of the UK Wensleydale spun up very quickly! I haven’t measured the yardage yet, but will updateContinue reading “UK Wensleydale – spun bulky”

A Good 4th of July weekend.

Strawberry! Originally uploaded by boadiccea This weekend has been great. I did a lot of spinning, a ton of knitting, got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and friends, eat some good BBQ, and got a bunch of exercise as well. This morning alone I walked 5 miles! This is a strawberry I madeContinue reading “A Good 4th of July weekend.”

Been a busy lil’ Bee..

I have been a knitting FIEND lately! This past week I’ve done 2 dishcloths: 1 hot pad: and have cast one yet another dishcloth and a mitered dishtowel, which I expect to finish this weekend.  The hot pad was pretty important for me to do… I’m getting my long-deceased grandmother’s dining set in August, andContinue reading “Been a busy lil’ Bee..”