Suspects Caught in Local Llama Killings

According to WPXI News, two teen suspects have been caught in the deaths of two llamas — Peaches and Tango — from neighboring farms in Westmoreland County over the weekend.  Criminal charges are pending.

I know this is probably sorry comfort for the farmers who lost their animals, however, I hope they find some closure from it.  It still leaves a bitter taste in my mouth…part of me wants to know WHY?  Why would you do such a thing?

The other part of me just wants to get the whole thing sorted and not give them and their misdeeds any more attention.  Just thought I should update that there was very swift movement in this case – faster than I’d expected, and I hope that’s the end of it.

Edit to add: WTAE is saying the teens were caught because a viewer overheard them bragging about the killings, and that there is a confession.  Glad to hear a viewer did the right thing and reported them.  Assholes.

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