Freaking Disaster!!!!


Effing entrelec. Or effing yarn. I’m not sure which is responsible for this travesty, but yarn and entrelec are lucky they don’t have heads because HEADS WOULD ROLL. (Geez I am SUCH a typical Scorpio sometimes! I am working on it.) I tried to unravel back to a good point because I made a big mistake on the final decreases. This bloody yarn decided to tangle up instead of unraveling nicely. I am now the proud owner of this pile of useless yarn barf instead of the beautiful headband I’d planned. I am letting myself feel my rage for a few moments, acknowledging it fully, and then I will put it down, take a deep breath, and let it go, perhaps to pick up later (like much, MUCH later, we are talking weeks or months later, when I’ve sufficiently recovered from the trauma of it) and figure out how the crap I am going to fix this hot mess. But for now, let us acknowledge this shit happened, and then let us speak of it no more. :@

Published by Beth

I reside in North Carolina with my husband Fred and am acclimating to a new area after 13 years in Pittsburgh. In the past few years I have completely changed my life (and I couldn't do it without support from family and friends). I now work as a writer and editor, and my favorite topics to write about are how to live a more positive life, book reviews, and sharing my crafts. Welcome! By the way, following links on this post may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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