The awesomeness of a Hexibag

When last I left you, I’d alluded to receiving a parcel in the mail from England, filled with unparalleled awesomeness. I am finally getting around to speaking about that, and it’s only because I wanted to give it a good field test and take some halfway decent photos so that you, too, can share in its powers of awesome.

You may remember I’m crazy and doing the Beekeeper’s Quilt. I am thoroughly in love with this project. It’s great for on-the-go knitting, as well as a great way to use up my sock yarn leftovers, or a good excuse to try some new yarns by buying a few mini-skeins here and there.  I am, however, staying true to the original idea (in my mind) of the project, which is to make a bunch of puffy hexagons out of leftover yarns, in god-only-knows how many different color combinations, and sew them together to make a crazy quilt of crazy awesome.

Now, I have project bags. Most of them are sock-project-sized. I may even review them some time, since I don’t think I’ve ever done that here.  But I wanted something special for my hexipuffs, because there are so many components: mini-skeins, puffy stuff (I’m using polyfill and bits of cut off yarn ends), needles, scissors, stitch markers, etc. I’d heard my friend Claire extoll the virtues of a Hexibag, so I checked them out.

Marianne, of Picperfic’s Fluff n’ Stuff, is the lovely lady behind these special project bags, which are hexagonally shaped, with plenty of room inside for several mini-skeins of yarn. Also inside is a long pocket which is perfect for tools, dpns, etc., and a clippy-strap that you can attach to your scissors, etc., then on the outside, cutely secured by buttons, is a pocket large enough for your stuffing materials.  The whole thing seals up with yet more cutely-placed buttons, and then there’s a loop at the top for hanging on your wrist as you work, or carrying the bag around, or whatever.  The bag will sit open by itself when properly opened, as well, making it very useful for putting it up on a table or next to you on the sofa.

I contacted Marianne and she very cheerfully directed me to her Flickr page with all the bags she’s made before, and then she told me that someone had backed out of an order, and wondered if I would like it?  Purple, pink, and teal? Yes please! 🙂  (And if I hadn’t liked it, she’d have made me one special order, which I appreciated.) She shipped fast, and well, and was just so pleasant to deal with that I love her.

Below are pics of my hexibag. I can’t recommend the thing enough – it’s my favorite project bag, ever. I love keeping my stitch markers and scissors on the inside strap, I love the pockets and use of space, and I will probably order another one some day for sock projects, because her work is just superior. 

Favorite. Project bag. EVER. Thanks Marianne! 🙂

Image Image Image Image Image


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