Halloween Was Fantastic!

We had a nice and quiet Halloween. Usually, we host a party, but this year we took it easy, due to Halloween being surrounded by both of our 40th birthdays.  We figured having 3 parties in a month was a bit overkill.

The night before Halloween, Fred and I carved our pumpkin. This small but tall pumpkin caught my eye, and he turned out to be perfect to carve our version of Tuck and Roll from the movie A Bug’s Life:


Then, at work on Halloween, we had a pumpkin carving party. My friend Jo Ana and I won a prize for best Disney themed with our version of Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast. I hear it was our use of mixed media that sealed the deal, LOL! We carved her eyes, built her spout, handle and top with playdoh, and used false eyelashes as well.

We only get a few trick or treaters each year. The little kids were cute. We did get one group of teenagers who just dressed in jeans and hoodies and had the nerve to ring our doorbell and ask for candy anyway. Slackers. At least put a mask on, yeesh!

Of course, there has been knitting.  My October dishcloth swap was fantastic! Here’s what I received from Lisa in Wisonsin:

Lisa sent 2 leaf cloths, a house cloth with homemade bee stitch marker attached, a pie magnet (coz I like pie), chocolate, a post card, and a mini-newspaper about Green Bay's Superbowl win over the Steelers.

And here’s what I sent to her:

jack o'lantern cloth, candy corn cloth, boo! cloth, teas, buttons, homemade stitch marker, post-its.and a Pittsburgh postcard

I’m loving the dishcloth swap every month! Good way for me to still be able to knit dishcloths without necessarily keeping them, and getting something interesting in the mail every month has been fantastic! It’s like having awesome penpals, with bonus knit/crochet items!

I did manage to finish some spinning this month as well. I’m calling this one Jolly Holly, due to the bright red and green nature of the dyes. The pic does not do the colors justice – they’re BRIGHT!  🙂

Jolly Holly

Now to get ready for November’s swap, my 40th birthday, a trip to Ann Arbor, and Thanksgiving. Going to be a busy month!

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I reside in North Carolina with my husband Fred and am acclimating to a new area after 13 years in Pittsburgh. In the past few years I have completely changed my life (and I couldn't do it without support from family and friends). I now work as a writer and editor, and my favorite topics to write about are how to live a more positive life, book reviews, and sharing my crafts. Welcome! By the way, following links on this post may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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