Hexipuffery Abounds!

So, to further expand on something I touched on in my blog the other day, I was recently reading Knit Purl Gurl’s blog and she mentioned a “hexipuff”, and I wondered “What the heck is a hexipuff when it’s at home?”

Oh. My. God. People! Why did no one tell me such wonderful madness exists? I am completely, utterly in love with these things.  A “hexipuff” is a cute little stuffed hexagon. You make approximately 6 bajillionty of these things, then you attach them into a quilt. Tiny Owl Knits is the dreamer upper of such aweomeissitude, and its official name is the Beekeeper’s Quilt.  Seems like it’ll be a great way to use up sock yarn leftovers and even bits and bobs of sock-yarn-weight-ish handspun that I have no idea what else to do with. I’m doing magic loop instead of dpns, too. Just want the practice magic looping. 🙂

The madness has begun. Hold me!

Published by Beth

I reside in North Carolina with my husband Fred and am acclimating to a new area after 13 years in Pittsburgh. In the past few years I have completely changed my life (and I couldn't do it without support from family and friends). I now work as a writer and editor, and my favorite topics to write about are how to live a more positive life, book reviews, and sharing my crafts. Welcome! By the way, following links on this post may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

2 thoughts on “Hexipuffery Abounds!

  1. Hehehe, Hexipuffs, the newest addiction around! Aren’t they just fab! I had planned on making a feather and fan or a stripey blanket with all my sock yarn leftovers but not any more. I love how this is portable and practical and fun too. Great project!xx

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