My First Art Yarn

A friend and fiber artist, Xiane, suggested a spin-a-long on her group on Ravelry:  calling it Dead Mans’ Party.  (I love it when my friends reference Oingo Boingo! – click the link to see a video/hear the song, one of my favorite songs ever!)

The concept was simple: give Xiane a monster theme; she would, for a moderate price, custom-prepare 2 oz. of batts for you to match your theme, and throw in bits and bobs of add-ins and fun stuff.  The deadline to spin your yarn was Day of the Dead, and anyone who participated by then would be entered into a drawing for some generous amounts of free fiber from Xiane.

Some of the themes were great, like Swamp Thing, Zombies, etc.  My theme was The Frankenstein Family Portrait: if Frankenstein’s Monster & Bride of Frankenstein had a baby, what would that family portrait look like?

Xiane did a great job with my batts, which were a combination of merino/silk, alpaca/silk, merino, corriedale, and banana silk :

The add-ins were white banana silk, a strand of black sequins, and some feathery eyelash stuff in black:

The add-ins packaging was cute!

Also the batts were tied with olive green chenille, and I had some bits and bobs of very soft grey and black yarns left over from another project, so I added them to the add-in pile. I feel like I put everything but the kitchen sink into this.

I spun a bit haphazardly, getting used to adding thick things into my yarn, and wanting to have an effect that suggests parts might fall off if you’re not careful.  I plied with regular old sewing thread in various shades of puce, olive, and white, usually 2 strands, and got 100 yards out of the whole shebang.  Here are some photos:

View from one side of skein
view from another side
Extreme Close Up!

I had a ton of fun doing this.  It was my first batt and my first art yarn experience, and I consider it a great success! Even better, I got enough yardage to make something like a cowl or mitts out of it. It came out very soft and squishy, except for the bits where the sequins are woven in, but I think the texture is interesting.

In summary, I can’t wait to do another spin-a-long with Xiane Threeravens!

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2 thoughts on “My First Art Yarn

  1. You did SUCH a good job with this. I really love the way it turned out!
    Thanks so much for the sweet words about the batts, you just made my day ❤

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