A Good 4th of July weekend.


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This weekend has been great. I did a lot of spinning, a ton of knitting, got to spend quality time with my boyfriend and friends, eat some good BBQ, and got a bunch of exercise as well. This morning alone I walked 5 miles!

This is a strawberry I made while teaching a friend of mine how to knit in the round. She wants to make a whole basektful of them. I think I’ll donate mine to her basket, as I’ve got too many projects going to keep making them.

I finally figured out how to sort/store my circular needles without getting them tangled.  I’d made some envelopes out of magazine ads, absolute yonks ago, and just found them tucked away in a box.  Each set of circs fits in an envelope, so I marked what was in each one and tucked the envelopes into my needle box.  Et Voila! No tangles, totally organized, and kinda funky to boot.  🙂


On the needles: Omo lace scarf, a toe-up sock, a top-down sock, a mitered hanging towel, and a simple reverse-mitre dishcloth.

Spinning: Mauch chunky Butternut on spindle; green UK Wensleydale on wheel.

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2 thoughts on “A Good 4th of July weekend.

  1. Believe it or not, I have a solution to your circular storage problem. I bought the fabric and even started making it. And then I got overwhelmed with holiday crafting (yes I mean the holiday we had way back in December) and it got covered in cat hair and I had to wash all the pieces and then…see, now if I saw you more often I might be motivated to finish it. Are they attached or interchangeable circs? Because I have been sewing more. I could “bee” motivated to finish. Yes. There are bees.

  2. Hi Katherine – they are fixed, not interchangeable. (I have interchangeables but they have their own storage).

    And you know I’m all about the bees. 🙂

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