Been a long, long time…

Sorry for the radio silence, folks.  Been lots going on with me these past few months.  I picked up and moved to Pittsburgh with my boyfriend.  We lived in temporary digs til we could buy a house, which we did and we’ve just moved in and had our first overnight guests in the form of my parents, who came all the way from Portland, Ore. to celebrate the new house with us.  The house is awesome!

On the not-so-awesome side, I’ve been struggling with some health issues.  We think the final tally is Lyme’s disease, carpal tunnel syndrome, some damaged tendons in my hands from when I fell down the stairs a few months ago, and possibly some post-miscarriage hormonal wackiness.

Fun times, fun times.

Because my hands have hurt so badly lately, I haven’t been able to knit much, but, I did soldier on a bit and finished the 4 dishcloths commissioned by my friend Cathy.  I’ll post pics of them shortly.

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I reside in North Carolina with my husband Fred and am acclimating to a new area after 13 years in Pittsburgh. In the past few years I have completely changed my life (and I couldn't do it without support from family and friends). I now work as a writer and editor, and my favorite topics to write about are how to live a more positive life, book reviews, and sharing my crafts. Welcome! By the way, following links on this post may result in my earning a small fee. As an Amazon Affiliate I earn from qualifying purchases.

One thought on “Been a long, long time…

  1. Wow, you’ve been busy! Congrats on the new house! Moving is quite a lot of work (as I found out one year ago) and can be very stressful. I’m sorry to hear about all the health issues, not fun at all. And I’m sorry about the MC and understand all the wacky things that can be related to that (I had 2 of them this year). I wish you lots of luck trying again, and I hope you are also able to knit more soon.

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