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Oh dear.

The bug has bitten.

The…bag bug!

My friends and family all know I’m a bag gal. Some women like shoes. I like bags. (Though my shoe collection is getting scary big…time to whittle it down!)

So, on Ravelry there’s this group that discusses what bags they like to tote their knitting projects and personal items in. Many of us are young and hip.  Or old and hip.  Or middled-aged and hip.  🙂   No matter one’s age, no one wants to be consigned to using a canvas tote bag unless that’s what you’re into, you know?

Someone recommended Namaste’s handbags as the perfect solution.

I went web-surfing, exploring every inch of Namaste’s site. I fell in love with the Laguna, the Malibu, the Vintage, the clutch. The colors! The designs! They all looked gorgeous.

Then I got smart and read some reviews….and I couldn’t find a single negative review (in toto) out there. Sure, there are small details that some folks would change, but the overall reviews of Namaste’s bags are, in short, good! People especially liked the Laguna, and it really sounded like what I’d dig, plus it was my first choice on the site, so I went ahead and ordered one from an online retailer…

….and kept checking when it’ll ship, only to find, it’s back-ordered til April! Wah! 😦

So I called around to my local LYS’s, and wouldn’t you know, Aylin’s Woolgatherer had JUST received a shipment in, TODAY. I spoke with Joyce, who said “Well, you hit the jackpot! We just got them in!”

My boyfriend and I drove over there today on our way to run other errands, and they’re just as beautiful in person as they are on the website. So, I bought the Hollywood Pink Laguna bag.

Soft! And what a gorgeous color! And HUGE! OMG, you could fit an afghan in this thing and it would only be full then.

When it’s not full, it’s got a nice slouch to it that is quite attractive. The top closes with very strong magnetic enclosures, and the carrying handles are quite sturdy and have a good “hand feel.”

Inside is a very large, very deep compartment, divided down the middle with a zippered compartment. There is also a smaller, interior zippered compartment on one wall of the lining, and on the outside, there is a zippered compartment on the back, and a snap-flap pocket on the front.

Right now I’ve got my usual purse contents (which are not light, mind you) and my latest dishcloth project in there. The bag feels practically empty. I think I’ll throw a book or two in there just to feel like I’m using up all the space, or else throw yet another knitting project in there and carry two instead of one.

I think I’m going to love this bag. I won’t know that til I get to know it day in and day out, but I can tell you that as of now, I have fallen into a deep, wonderful smit. 🙂

You can see all the photos I took of my bag unwrapping HERE.

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I currently reside in Pittsburgh, having moved here in May 2008. I live with my husband Fred and life is really awesome. In the past few years I have completely changed my life (and I couldn't do it without support from family and friends). I now work as a writer and editor, and my favorite topics to write about are how to live a more positive life, book reviews, and sharing my crafts. Welcome!

2 thoughts on “Namaste

  1. I’ve heard about these bags but have never seen one in real life. I saw the Laguna and liked how it has a detachable strap. Loved looking at your photos of the bag. Are you serious, it can hold an afghan?!

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